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  1. The reason you were referred to Rush Ford is because they are a Med Duty Ford Truck dealer. Galpin is a Ford car dealer. I take my MH to Rush Ford Med Duty truck dealer in Denver CO and yes it is a 35-40 mile drive for me. Or as one poster said try Fairway Ford or Giant RV both of which have good reputations. Phil Saran Colorado, but used to live in SOCAL
  2. If your MH is a DP you should be able to tow closer to 6 to 8K. My 2015 Thor Hurricane gas 34E is rated at 5000 lbs tow and I tow a 2011 Dodge Dakota 4x4 auto which weights in at 4K. Phil Saran Colorado
  3. Did you receive a recall notice in the mail?? Phil Saran Colorado
  4. My 2015 Thor Hurricane 34E gas MH came with Bilsteins, but I have wondered if even with 13K on them if new one's would be helpful to the ride? Phil Saran Colorado
  5. I do not have a horse in this race, but we have friends with a 2016 Winnebago 37 DP and it has spend more time back at the dealer than in their hands. In July they will drop it off at the factory for more rework. with slide in you can see daylight. Phil Saran Colorado
  6. The Honda 2000i portable generator is a good choice to have with you. It is quiet and light (34 lbs). As stated above maybe a new muffler and mounting grommets will cure the vibration and extra noise you are having with the 1999 unit. Phil Saran Colorado
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