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  1. We are located in Arizona. A little far from you. LOL I just joined some facebook pages in our area. Hoping that will help. Who knows, maybe we could get more people to sign up.
  2. I know that I am a little behind on this thread. We are a family of 4 who have been RV'ing for 10 years in a Class A. Our kids are now 13 & 10 and we are in our 40's. I am finding that the groups are mainly older people and that's fine, but we need a group for the younger members. We are in the Phoenix, AZ area with a lot of retiree's. I joined hoping to meet other families that wanted to travel. When we called several they told us we would be best to keep looking. We are only limited by the school calendar otherwise, we can work on the road. I know that several of the groups claim that they don't have an age restriction, but when events are geared toward "knitting, casinos etc." that isn't something the kids are interested in or not age appropriate. Why isn't there a group? I looked at the Yahoo group, they have 5 members and haven't said a peep on that website since Nov 2016. Anyone else out there in the Southwest area of the country with kids? Thanks for reading!
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