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  1. East Tennessee, Will be at rally in Gillette in July.
  2. We purchased our Travel Supreme last year and was interested in meeting other TS owners. Is there a Travel Supreme Group that has get togethers? Would be interested in hearing from you. Thanks. Ron
  3. Thanks for your help. Will check out website, then identify our needs and go from there. Happy New Year.
  4. RV service technician said cell was not functional. Would like to install a solar cell large enough to keep batteries charged and possible running lights and refrigerator, if there is room on top. Located manufacturer of current solar cell and they have a 40 W. Have not order or purchased one yet. Travel Supreme is 42 DSO4 - 43 ft. I will be at RV later this week and will get measurements for size I can install. Do not like hooking up one until I locate what it is powering. Appreciate your help and advice. Great advice from both. Thanks. Merry Christmas.
  5. Need help and input on solar cell installed on 2008 Travel Supreme. Could use information if someone has one on roof above shower, sink area. We have a 10 Watt that is not functional and would like to replace. Not sure of use or where/what it is connected to. Any help or advise is appreciated. Thanks. Ron
  6. If you see a couple sitting there enjoying the DRAGON, give them a horn or stop and say hi. We enjoy a picnic there often to watch the motorcycles.
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