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  1. @RSBILLEDWARDS Sounds like your pretty handy! Any chances you take orders on those shades? (Maybe a new business!)
  2. @kaypsmith Very helpful, thanks for the tip. I will check out the Carefree (I think they are also on Amazon). Particularly helpful on the measuring advice (measuring the actual awning, not from end to end). I'll check it out and get back!
  3. @hobartI have seen those (where the drop stays on the awning) and they look pretty easy. What is the total drop once the zippered bottom section is on? I was thinking 8 ft total would suffice as the awning on the HR is really up there. Have you had any issues withe the drop rolling up cleanly in your awning when retracted?
  4. 2015 Holiday Rambler Vacationer Both Air units and thermostat have been working fine, no issues. This weekend, after hooking up to 50amp, we realize that Zone 2 is not coming up on the Thermostat. Can anyone provide advice on what it could be? Thanks all!
  5. I am considering a screen shade or screen room addition for my 2015 Holiday Rambler Vacationer and would like to know if those on the forum have recommendations and/or lessons learned from previous experience. The awning on my Vacationer is quite high and the front pullout actually comes out under the main awning.
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