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  1. Last year, I gave this Jetpack deal a bad review after 2 failed attempts at on-line sign up. Verizon was requiring all kinds of income/residency documentation. I never could get past Verizon security reviews, hence the bad review. Well this year, I saw the sign up procedure had been streamlined and gave it a try. I received my confirmation e-mail from FMCA a couple of hours after hitting the “sign up” button on their site New Years Eve. Located a Verizon store on New Years Day that had the device in stock. The store personnel had never heard of this program but eventually located the correct plan, collected a penny and activated the device. Yayyyy!!! We now have a connection in an ATT dead zone. Thanks FMCA and Verizon!!! (This is all dependent on my first bill!, LOL).
  2. Two approved orders cancelled by fraud/verification dept. Over an hour on the phone verifying credit, identity, purchase and order. Yesterday, after a week of trying to get the order finalized, was told the order would be “released”. One minute later, got an e mail telling me to fax utility bill, driver license and credit app. Really, for a device and a 50.00 monthly line of service!! I’m not applying for a mortgage. lol. This is more trouble than it’s worth. Turns out it is NOT a member benefit. Just a way for Verizon and probably FMCA to get your personal info.
  3. IF. you can get the FMCA deal. I have been trying to get an order through for the last week. 2 credit apps, 2 on line orders completed and accepted. Now they want driver license, utility bill and credit app faxed to them. 45+minutes on hold before talking to their fraud/verification dept. WAAAY to much trouble. Either Verizon or FMCA is not being honest about this so called deal...and from what I am reading here, not worth the trouble.
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