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  1. Remember that the HOA Board is made up of residents just like yourself and the primary purpose of an HOA is to protect the values of your property not to be Nazis. Can someone direct me to a study (not one's opinion) as to how a Motor Home devalues one's property, especially when said motor home is allowed in one section and not another??? My HOA has 620 homes divided up into 6 sections. Sections 1 thru 3 NO restrictions and have some homeowners with boats, trailers, and even motor homes. Section 4 a few restrictions, Section 5 a few more, and the same with section 6 A,B,C. One neighborhood, 6 sections, plus 3 subsections, and I'm the bad guy. Section 4, 5, 6, restrictive optimal word is CAMPER. State... No restriction, County...No restrictions, No City, just a HOA with too much time on their hands Oh, BTW, the guy stirring the pot has NO restrictions on his property, Go figure.
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