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  1. RV Trader.com, Motorhome magazine, craigslist, even twitter for a short blip ad (142 characters) Sorry you are forced to sell your traveling companion. I used to own a Safari Trek; actually lived in it full time for about a year. We had a snow leopard mural on the back of it that was absolutely gorgeous! Best of luck to you.
  2. HOA's are prevalent in Texas. It is VERY difficult to purchase a new home without buying into one; which I hate with a passion. I just received a friendly letter from my HOA management company about parking my motorhome in our driveway...saying it isn't permitted, yet our Covenants and Restrictions clearly state they are permitted for a maximum of 48 hours no more than twice each month. These micro governments are heavy handed and most often run by small people filled with a sense of power and large ego's to match. I've answered your question as to what our Covenants and Restrictions say with regard to parking RV's, boats, etc.
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