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  1. Engrave This topic has been addressed numerous times and several contributors have offered proven advice. Wolfe10 has posted some great suggestions which I have followed. These should be completed BEFORE you begin to this k of purchasing any product. Hope this helps you. Karl
  2. Thank you Wolfe10 (Brett) for your concise, helpful explanation.
  3. Brett, you asked about the owner's burner area time up. I have never heard of a burner area time up. Could you enlighten me on this?
  4. This entire topic assumes that individuals cannot or should not accept responsibility for our actions. Although I am new to driving a Class A motorhome, I have driven in every single state except Hawaii. Technology is great, but like WildeBill asked...who is going to pay for it? By the time all these ideas are forced on the people, I will be dead. Thank God! Anyone read lately about a pilotless car having a wreck? One hit a police car recently. We are far, far away from being able to do this. I will take my chances and move forward. I don't need a government agency to drive me to the store, to the doctor or anywhere. Sorry for the negativity but I believe in personal responsibility. Happy Trails to each of us!
  5. Thank you Michael. Looking forward to the experience. Have already learned a bunch from the kind folks on the FMCA forum. Putting those FMCA plaques on the Allegro Bus is high on my list of things I look forward to doing!
  6. Thank you MWeiner...very kind of you. If I had your name I would apply for the job that is open right now for the Oscar Meyer hot dog vehicle driver. I actually saw that famous rig at a convention I attended last year and it was truly wonderful. Happy Trails to you!
  7. Thank you Bill. Yes, we bought it at MOT. Very nice folks. They just performed the annual service on it for us. What unit do you have?
  8. We recently purchased a 2005 Tiffin Allegro Bus and can't wait to get some experience with it!
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