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  1. In addition to the files, I asked the two questions as outlined below with the answers received from Southwire: Two questions: These instructions read for a 40250-RVC, mine is a 40350-RVC. Are the instructions the same for both models?2 in the instructions about the calibration calls for an appropriate “jumper”. I am not sure what this is. An insulted wire of the appropriate size plugged in to each side of the J8? Thanks for clarifying The instructions are the same for both units. You can use a wire if you want. However, there is a jumper installed on the two pins in J12. You can remove that jumper and use it. Just remove to put it back when you are done. You can use your generator for recalibration power as long as the generator is producing 120 volts.
  2. Here are the three files provided by Steve Guarcello at Southwire. Hope this helps! 40250-RVC Calib Apr 18 2012[7214].pdf Steve's Tip 2 Pedestal V Ck 50 Amp[7192].pdf Steve's Tip 3 ATS V Ck[7193].pdf
  3. Thanks for the input. I took the issue to Camping World (that is where I bought the RV). They said they could see the problem but could not tell how to repair it and that they had talked to the manufacturer whose only suggestion was to change out the Automatic Transfer Switch (expensive) and see if that would work since there was no way to test the system. Fortunately for me, they did not have the part. I then decided to call Southwire Company, the manufacturer of the switch. I talked to one of their engineers who told me that he doubted that the switch needed to be replaced and suggested that it should be recalibrated. He emailed me the instructions which I followed and the problem went away. I have been checking for a couple of weeks and everything if as it should be. Hope this helps others with the same problem.
  4. I have a 2017 Thor Aria with built in surge suppressor and have an additional suppressor to plug into the post and then plug the power line into that suppressor. The voltage reading on the outside suppressor reads 119 to 122 so apparently not a problem. However the firefly system in side the coach shows a transfer switch fault with incoming readings of 129 to 133. I believe the fault can be caused because of the high readings inside the coach. Any idea how the readings can be so much higher inside the coach than at the post? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. They will be at the Thor Diesel Club rally and ae offering a "special" so it looked like a good time to consider this service. I do not have a significant problem, so mostly routine maintenance, but I am hoping that the gauges will be more accurate. I know that is probably just a dream!
  6. I am considering having my holding tanks cleaned by a company named Kleen Tank Service, but before I spend the money would like to know if anyone has any experience with this company and if so, what were the results? Thanks
  7. I drive a 2017 Thor Aria 3401, my first class A motorhome. At idle, the dash air blows cold as it should, but as I increase speed the temperature rises. I have had it checked by the dealer who is telling me that the rise is small and within expected parameters and that this is normal in a class A. Can anyone tell me if this is true? If not, any suggested remedies.
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