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  1. Well, I started this thread last May. Ford replaced the transmission, and we hauled it a 1000 more miles, no problem.

    A week later the car was rear ended and totaled!!!!! It was cursed. So, we bought the new 2009 Mercury Mariner. Here we are on our first trip hauling it, about 150 miles in, and guess what???? Yep, the trany is burning up. We left it at a dealer on the road, and our just heading to our destination.

    Question, those of you having problems, so you have a tow shield over the hood?

    - Lilly

  2. We just bought a 2009 Ford Escape, auto transmission about six weeks ago. We towed it about 500 miles, by the book, and the trasmission is burnt. They are getting us a new one.

    They said it got too hot towing it. I wonder if the tow shield is covering up some kind of vent?

    Anyone else have trouble?

    - Lilly and Marty Schermerhorn

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