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  1. I want to travel to the grand canyon at 7000 ft around Christmas. How do I keep the water lines from freezing? What product can I plug into the compartment to add heat? 12 volt or 110?
  2. I don't remember exactly what diesel cost but it was higher than regular gas. Average was about 50 cents more per gallon. Lots of apps can tell you ahead of time where the cheaper fuel is. I tried to keep a half tank at all times. Partly because some pumps shut off at $100.00 and I don't want to repeat the process. Half of a tank for me is 40 gallons. So don't pass up an opportunity to keep it half full.
  3. I am not trying to advertise for Tyron Bands and have not experienced any front tire blowouts. I just wanted to clear up some information as to what the tool looks like. The picture below shows the spider tool in front of the man changing the tires. After watching the process, I doubt if anyone can remove the bands without the tool. The Tyron Band is just to the right of the spider tool. When properly installed it has not presented any problems like Manholt experienced. I guess my point here is that any device offering a safer trip is worth the money. PS I drive a 32 foot Fleetwood Southwind with 22.5 inch tires. My California/Alaska/Florida trip was 14700 miles with only the wheel alignment problem in Prince George BC.
  4. I bought the Tyron band removal tool from the distributor in Tampa Florida. I was not told I needed a removal tool when I bought the motorhome and had it fitted with the bands. The dealer gave me the 1/4 inch drive socket with the allen wrench end and said that would remove the bands. I was in Prince George BC when I had a tire wearing on the outside edge. The tire dealer knew nothing about the bands. I wanted to have the worn tire moved to the inside rear dual position but they could not remove the tire without the tool. Long story. The tool can be shipped to your address. Tool cost was about $200. Shipping cost depends on distance and weight. I have asked other tire dealers and they don't know what I'm talking about. If you have the bands don't go far without the tool. I saw a semi at a rest stop that was having a flat tire fixed. I went over and asked the tire guy if he knew about the Tyron Bands and he had never heard of the things. My motorhome does not have a spare so if I'm on the road away from home and get a flat in the front tires I could show the guys how to use the tool. I finally got the tires rotated to the rear and the motorhome handles very nice. PS I know a good alignment place in Prince George if you ever need one. Joe
  5. Mel, We drove to Alaska from Southern California this past May. We never made a reservation ahead of time and always found a place to stay. Some places were bare essentials but they worked. Best advice I can give is don't drive fast. Don't follow to close, lots of chipped windshields happen up there. The road surface is wavy and our motorhome rocked sideways a lot. The roads are good for the most part and there is always construction that will have you waiting some. There is good control of drivers through the construction zones with pilot cars escorting traffic both ways. Don't miss the Alcan highway museum in Dawson Creek. Gas is more expensive in BC and the Yukon. It is good to have a dash cam if you can set one up. Good luck, Joe
  6. Where can I purchase a removal tool for 22.5 inch tires?
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