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  1. If your new coach is on a Freightliner Chassis, I can strongly recommend the Camp Freightliner classes offered at Gaffney, SC (Freightliner Custom Chassis Factory & Service Center). It was/is a 2 day class that covers diesel operation and maintenance of the coach. Well worth the price of admission, and you get information specific to your particular coach. Tips on driving in the mountains to prevent overheating, increasing your fuel mileage, mechanical emergency procedures, spare parts recommendations, etc. I would strongly suggest taking the class as a team so that both of you have at least a rudimentary understanding of the "why's" & "how to's". Mike Cody taught our class & knows the subject matter as it relates to Freightliner better than anyone we've come across. He will provide you with a notebook that you can reference long after the class. While you're in the class, get your coach serviced by one of the best service centers in the country, IMO. Enjoy the new coach...you're gonna love the differences over your old gasser. Strong tailwinds & smooth landings.
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