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  1. Got the MiFi7730L Tuesday and called the Verizon (800) 922-0204 number on Wednesday and got everything up and working! Thank You FMCA for negotiating this benefit for us.
  2. OK, I think I am on the way. I wanted to have the FMCA Plan seperate from my 20GB Plan that I allready have thru Verizon, but it looks like I had to replace the old plan with the new which is fine as I planned to discontinue the old plan once I had the new one up and running and tested. Seems I did not need to be waiting for the Verizon email and just log into my Verizon account and upgrade my old AC791L to the Mifi 7730L. Upgrade confirmed and will be delivered on Tuesday the 21st, then I will call the (800) 922-0204 and change the plan to the 11454. smithy, the Verizon contact person did call me about a half hour after I had finnished my upgrade. I told him I think I had it figured out and thanked him, he said if any problems I could call him back after the 7730L arrived. Billy
  3. smithy, No email yet and I have patiently been waiting have checked my SPAM folder to be sure. Billy
  4. chindog, I am still waiting for the email from Verizon to even start the sign-up. Started the procedure Friday at 10:00 AM and no contact yet. I sounds like you are at least a little farther along with this. Billy
  5. Yes only 25GB, but depending on what you are using your Plan for it can be enough. At home I have COMCAST and I just checked our usage. Aug = 27GB, Sept = 23GB, Oct = 27GB, that is with my wife who retires in two days working from home many days, NO we do not stream video and have no interest to so 25GB will work very well for us when we head south to AZ in 6 weeks if we can get this set up. Everybody has different usage levels!
  6. Herman, Thank you, I will give them more time. Billy
  7. Ok, I have been patient waiting for the 24 to 48 hour email from Verizon. I did the "Register your line" thing Friday at 10:25 AM and now it is 10:03 AM Tuesday and still no email. Do I need to call Verizon or redo the "Register Your Line"? Maybe I did something wrong?
  8. Herman, Thanks, I will give them some time, just worry I might have done something wrong. Billy
  9. I have went through the Enrollment Process and did the register your line to add the FMCA program to my existing account. I got a message on my screen that "your request has been received based on the information provided." I have not gotten an email from Verizon saying my "Register Your Line request is complete". Do I need to wait for an email or go ahead and call the 800 922-0204 number to have the 11454 Plan added to my existing number?
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