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  1. I already have another road service that I have no need for that I joined when we first got the bus. I signed up for multiyears & actually have renewed anticipating getting on the road sooner. I have been paying yearly for tags & insurance on a vehicle to sit in the yard. Then Hubby got diagnosed with cancer & within 5 months he was gone. I just can't afford to be paying for anymore services that I really can't take advantage of because of my new situation. My timeline for finishing the conversion & getting on the road have been altered immensely. Have no fear....I'll be back. Fact is, when one member of a couple die so do the friendships that were formed, I'm finding so I'll need an outlet to get to meet and make new friends. If any of you want to keep in touch I can be reached at FB (name: Sharlene Lacas) or email me@ Booger1k@gmail.com
  2. I am "one of those" that became a member to take advantage of the Verizon offer. I signed up. I am legal. I own a converter school bus now titled as a Motor Home. I think that qualifies me to join FMCA. I called today to cancel only because I am not yet on the road as my Husband passed away last year & as a 66 yr old widow I am attempting to finish out the conversion on my own, learning as I go. I have learned electrical & plumbing & carpentry from trial & error as I have no one to assist me with what I have left to do in order to become mobile. I had planned all along to join FMCA once we got on the road but signed up prematurely to take advantage of the Verizon/FMCA offer. I feel I may have yet another year to sell off my belongings, sell the house, install holding tanks & and run lines to hook up the generator that Hubby never got to & get on the road full time as Hubby & I originally planned. In the meantime I am living full time in my Motor Home while dealing with all I need to do. I feel from the various groups I follow that a very few may have "exaggerated the truth" in order to join. Most that I read are actual qualifying people like me. Thanks, for letting me give you my side of the story. Sharlene
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