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  1. This is the follow up to my situation with the Sprint hot spot. Thank you Jason Gabbard and FMCA. I received a new device and is working perfectly. I am using it now to write this post. Jason Gabbard contacted me the day following my initial post. He apologied for the problem. He explained about a factory shipment mixup that occurred resulting in an incrroect SIM card in the first device shipped to me. He had a new device sent overnight. He changed my billing so I am not paying for the time when I had no service. Jason's action is the example of superior customer service and correcting a problem that was out of his control. Thank you Jason and FMCA. You have made me a believer in FMCA and I will take advantage of more of your various serrvices!! Charles Brock F467650
  2. I joined the Tech Connect+ and signed up for the Sprint plan on Dec. 25, 2017. I received the Franklin R 910 device on the evening of December 28, 2017. The device would not connect to the internet. The device showed a message that said “INVALID SIM”. I took the device to the Sprint store on the morning of December 29. The Sprint store employee called Sprint Customer Service and gave the phone to me. I was on the phone for at least 45 minutes mostly on hold. I was told by the Sprint phone rep. that I needed another SIM card but Sprint could not provide it. She said the Franklin R 910 was a discontinued device by Sprint. She told me that I could only be helped by the Sprint Account Rep for FMCA. The phone conversation ended. I received a call from the account rep about 3 hours later. I explained the problem to him. He told me that another SIM card would be sent to me. I am still waiting for a SIM card. Today is 11 days from that call, 12 days from when I received the device, and 16 days from when I ordered and paid for the service which I am yet to receive. I still have a device that is inoperable because of the invalid SIM card as it was shipped to me. I am losing my patience and temper and getting extremely upset with Sprint and FMCA. I will not pay for another month of NO SERVICE and will be forced to cancel this Sprint “no-service” prior to another billing cycle. In my opinion, I paid for an ugly paper weight to sit on my table for the last 3 weeks. That is just a RIP OFF!! Charles Brock F467650
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