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  1. Thanks for the reply DickandLois. I did find some instructions regarding changing the tilt on the LCI website but I was not terribly successful at changing the gaps by incremental adjustments of the tilt. I've emailed LCI/PowerGear and will call as well. Fleetwood's answer was we don't provide any technical information in regards to adjustment of slides. You have to bring it to a dealer. As you might imagine I was hoping I would be able to do this on my own to avoid the usual hassle of dealing with RV service centers. I can't imagine its all that difficult if done carefully and incrementally. I attached the various manuals I found useful for my slide system. Looks like the verticle/tilt adjustment is rather easy (loosen two bolts then turn verticle adjustment nut clockwise.) Now calculating the correct measurements is next to impossible without knowing the slideout floor thickness. See PGSlideAdjust_Vert_(1) if interested. Fleetwood's response to what is the slideout floor thickness was "I don't have that information". Wish me luck. and Thanks again pg_82_s0313_t_.pdf PGSlideAdjust_Vert(1).pdf PowerGearSlides-ServiceManual.pdf
  2. Hello all, I have a 2015 Fleetwood discovery 40g with a Lippert powergear full wall through frame slide. It is tilted with the top not making a good seal and is leaking in the rain. The bottom is actually rubbing on the bodywork and has removed the paint where it contacts the body. There is very little gap anywhere on the bottom of the slide front or back. Can anyone please provide instructions or a technical manual to adjust the full room slide. I think it just needs a tilt adjustment but not sure if adjusting the stops might also be required. Thank You for your assistance. 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 40G
  3. My full wall slide has a rubber gasket or seal that cushions the exterior body work from the slide itself. On a long trip I noticed there is some paint rubbing off the body work and the rubber is not in good shape on the full wall slide (the lower portion of the slide). How do I go about finding the right replacement rubber seal? And is that is all that is needed? Could the slide wall be out of adjustment? Thank You Steve 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 40G
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