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  1. This from Ford's online HTML owners manual (different from paper glove box manual) about how to flat tow a 2013 Fusion Hybrid: Recreational Towing Note: Put your climate control system in recirculated air mode to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the vehicle. See Automatic Climate Control. Follow these guidelines if you have a need for recreational (RV) towing. An example of recreational towing would be towing your vehicle behind a motorhome. We designed these guidelines to prevent damage to your transmission. You can tow your vehicle with all four wheels on the ground or with the front wheels off the ground by using a tow dolly. If you are using a tow dolly follow the instructions specified by the equipment provider. If you tow your vehicle with all four wheels on the ground: Tow only in the forward direction. Release the parking brake. Place the transmission in position N. Place the ignition in the off position. See General Information. Do not exceed 70 mph (113 km/h). Place the transmission in position P, start the vehicle and allow it to run for one minute at the beginning of each day (you may need to press the accelerator pedal in order to start the vehicle). After allowing the vehicle to run, place the transmission back into position N and the ignition in the accessory position.
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