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  1. Phaeton09

    Atwood jacks

    Thank you will try.
  2. Phaeton09

    Atwood jacks

    I have 40 ft. 2009 Phaeton and could not find a Atwood front replacement jack, so I am having HWH replace the system with theirs. My question is there a market for used Atwood jacks, I would like to recoup some of the replacement costs, or should I just have HWH trash the three remaining jacks? Any help would be appreciated. davey
  3. I am having my Atwood jacks replaced by HWH Corp since I cannot find replacement jacks. Is there a market to sell the three atwood jacks that are currently on my motor home, or should i just let HWH dispose of them. I would like to recoup some of my money if I can. I won a 40 ft 2009 Phaeton . davey
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