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  1. We just received snail mail From FMCA that we can now get RV financing from a new partner. They offered financing & refinancing on RV’s...I browsed it but threw it away because I figured I could get the information online @FMCA’s website...well, I have spent a good portion of the morning and have not been able to find the name of the business. Did anyone else get the same FMCA letter & happen to remember what the name of the financial institution that FMCA was promoting? Any help would be appreciated. thanks, GTEman & woman
  2. MWeiner, Thanks for your post....I agree with you, anything we can do to make driving a large RV easier will be worth it...especially on long trips...we are beginning a 5400 mile trip this fall and no telling what kind of weather we will encounter...We are going with the Blue Ox True Center Steering Stabilizer...it is a bit more expensive, but I like that it is adjustable...crosswinds in Texas can be very strong....no telling what we will encounter in the NE this fall.... wish us luck and I will keep everyone posted on our installation.... we contacted the manufacturer, (Blue OX) for an installer that is experienced in installing TRUE CENTER steering stabilizers, and are using who they recommended in Fort Worth. Since my husband and I both drive, I believe it is a must! K. Vander Molen
  3. We have a 40AH 2014 Phaeton which is on a Freightliner chassis and my husband and I both drive. We do feel the wind and the semi drafts and were wondering if anyone has any new input on which Steering Stabilizers are best now.... the post I read on the subject here are from 2010 & 2011. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are waffling on which system to install between Blue OX True Center & Safe T Plus. Thanks, Candivan57
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