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  1. Nice purchase, I bet you'll have some great times with her. 120 volt and 50 amp would be the best, especially if you'll be running the air conditioner/s. I don't have an answer for your battery switch question but someone will pipe in here with one before too long.
  2. Very interesting, we also have an 1800 trike and have wanted to do the same but didn't think the trike would fit in a p/u truck. Do you have any pictures you could post?
  3. That looks nice Stu H. We're curious why you elected not to replace the old kitchen tile as well?
  4. F470227

    Wheel Balancing

    Thanks to All for your input. It might turn out to be both wheels are out of round. I'll have to get a second opinion before I can say for sure.
  5. No, the remote never made it to the closing table but that's a good lead, I'll order one.
  6. They're no longer in business. At some point I'll run into someone who has worked on that particular system until then it's the old fashioned way, use the key!
  7. Yes and thank you to Ian as well. Unfortunately Winnebago tech dept has washed their hands of that keyless entry company and have no suggestions.
  8. Thanks again Herman. Looks like I don't have the right program to open the picture.
  9. Thank you both for the help. One more question, Herman. Your attached picture is cut off on the right hand side. Does step1 say there's a programming switch inside the passenger's arm rest?
  10. I'm not the original owner and the dealer I bought it from didn't know the code number for the entry system. Would anyone know if there is a way to reset the code so I can start using it? Thanks,
  11. F470227

    Wheel Balancing

    I have an '06 Winnebago Vectra, built on the Evolution Chassis and can't find a company that can balance the front tire because the center hole is too large,10.87". Has anyone found someplace that can balance the tires? Thanks
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