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  1. +1 for the Lazy L & L campground. We've been going there in the winter for 5 years. But if you want a lot of activities go elsewhere (like RGV). We also have stayed in the RGV one winter and may go back for partial winter. Warm but windy as I recall.
  2. I just received phone call from my stock broker (IRA) Scottrade who informed me that they (all offices) are being audited and the auditors are finding those of us that are not living in a stick home (i.e. Livingston address or an RV park) and are having the local offices contact us to produce either copies of back utility bills or provide a change of address. The agent stated he did not know if it was a federal audit or their public auditors but that they (auditors) are quoting the Patriot Act. The agent stated just to fill out a change of address to point to a family member or friend. And we have 30 days! I have many reservations about this. If I change it to my mothers (who passed) address, my step father who is living in a nursing home (both address would not be Texas) or my distant sister who is living in a different state then what happens during an audit of another sort?? I would than be dishonest on a official form, I would have claimed rights to vote and taxation in a state that I don't have legal residency, etc. Get the picture? So, I'm going to close my Scottrade accounts and hope the other broker doesn't follow suit. This could effect banking, retirement, etc.
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