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  1. We are gas on the Ford F53 chassis. As far as the effectiveness of an alarm I realize how little time it takes thieves to cut off a converter. At 3:00 in the morning there's not likely to be anyone around to hear it other than the thief. We just hate to think that we could easily face this again when we do get it replaced. Our storage place has not been very helpful to beef up their cameras. We first have to figure out where to get a replacement converter that's not a cheap aftermarket. The repair shop we have used for a number of things on our 2013 Tiffin, and trust, has warned us go with OEM Ford to avoid sensor and warning light problems. However the plant that builds these is apparently closed or so backed up that we are facing a 6 month wait. He is proposing adapting the mounting flange on a different OEM converter that he can get that he says will work. This means we have to deal with a $2056 cost differential between the initial insurance adjuster estimate ($1585) and our local repair shop estimate ($3641). We will work on that this week. Any insights will be appreciated. Tony
  2. Three weeks ago we had the unpleasant experience of having the catalytic converter stolen from our motorhome while it was in our storage lot. Despite gate code entry, some surveillance cameras, and no sign of forced entry, three motorhomes had converters stolen. We are in the process dealing with insurance, no availability of OEM replacement converters and determining what after market units will work. It is very clear that there must be a market for stolen catalytic converters so the possibility that this could easily happen again we are considering if we should install an alarm system. Preferably I'd like to find an easy to install DIY system. Our hope is that a loud alarm maybe with flashing light would scare off the next thief. We have considered installing a cage with hardened bolts to make cutting out the converter harder but this doesn't seem like it would be effective. If anyone has experience with with any of this I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks, Tony Langton Irmo, South Carolina
  3. Our motorhome and two others had the catalytic converters stolen about three weeks ago. We filed a police report but the storage facility has not been very helpful. The one entry gate does have video surveillance and requires a code to enter. The thefts occurred between 10/31/22 and 11/9/22. Our situation is complicated with lack of OEM converters. We do have insurance with $500 deductible. Any feedback on the performance of after market replacement units would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony Langton
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