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  1. I installed an LiFePO4 system last year. I already had 790 watts of solar. But my AGMs died an early death (one battery went bad, apparently). So I upgraded to the LiFePO4. I went with a 500AH pack. Along with that I upgraded our inverter to a Magnum 3000w with the load balancing feature ('borrows' power from batteries when a high load exceeds shore supply). I'm *very* happy with the system. I've even upgraded my fridge recently from a Norcold 1200 to a Samsung RF18 residential and am now boondocking with no problems (in Puerto Penasco, MX). We had our system installed by Larry Crutcher at Starlight Solar in Yuma. The system ran me about $8k.
  2. My only comment would be to be sure and check out going with a true/pure sine wave inverter. It's much better for your electronic equipment, including electric blankets, electric tooth brushes, entertainment systems, etc... -- jcw FMC#399834
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