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  1. Thanks everyone for the good information
  2. It’s the solid front axle.
  3. Richard thanks for the information. I found my ride height off last year and adjusted it within specs, it was set about 1/2” to high. The adjustment helped with the handling and I wondered if it caused the wear on the inner edge.
  4. I’m in need of replacing my steer tires due to excessive wear on inner edge (cupping and rivering). What is the better tires for the steer application on the smaller DP? My coach is the Newmar 3434 with 12 k front axle. I weighed the coach and from memory I believe the front totaled around 10-11k loaded. I have read the Goodyear is known for rivering issues and the Michelin have sidewall cracking issues, are either of them problems corrected? I can get deep discounts with either of the two brands but want my investment to last. Im currently running the 275/70R22.5 and thought about going to the 275/80R22.5. I read they ride and handle better, anyone change their size? The Goodyear seem to ride a bit rough when inflated to get the swaying out and the feeling of loosing control, I run 110 in front and 100 in rear. I have run lower pressures but ride didn’t improve but had the feeling of skating on ice.
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