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  1. Where can I buy Steering Diodes?
  2. I have a Damon Daybreak Classic 3204 and I change over to LED lights and have a problem with my bathroom light. It is a double light bulb . On it works great, but off the left side stays on half bright. Does anyone have a fix. Andy
  3. I have been to NAPA and they couldn't Help. Thanks. Try Ebay too, no luck.
  4. First Time. I have a 2010 Damon Daybreak with a 2007 Chassis and the windshield wiper motor quit. I would like to replace it, but can't find a replacement. I called Thor ( who makes Damon ) and was told that I would have to bring the motorhome to one of their dealers for repairs. I wish to replace the motor myself, because I used to be in the auto trade. I can not fine one. Numbers on motor are=TRU VIS ON ( not used anymore ) 2 speed DC Wipe Motor Model ZD1631 12 V Pprduction Date June15, 2008 Damon Corp. DA-RWSA03-1 Part # 844523 Serial : 0241. Can anyone help? My FMCA #F317723
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