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  1. 9.7 mpg with our FRED 2016 Seneca Super C running a 340 ISB/Allison 2500 and pulling a Wrangler between 60 - 65 mph on flatlands. Allison is currently operating with 'economy' shift schedule but I'm having it flashed to 'performance' schedule soon. Can't beat the ease of powertrain access on a Super C diesel.
  2. The Diamond Shield comes with an owner's responsibility to keep it protected by periodic application of a UV protectant. Are there any owners here who can report how regular applications of UV protectant have helped? I for one am doing that routine with a product from Lamin-X, but the rig is only two years old.
  3. We love our 2016 Seneca (just over 10K miles into it so far) and have no issue with the quality of its build, operation, or drive-ability. We did our homework before purchase and knew we didn't want to go the most expensive route with the Dynamax lineup (very nice, but not worth the price premium IMHO). The Super C is a niche vehicle and we wanted a TRUCK (not a BUS) and we got a TRUCK with Freightliner's ease of serviceability. Ours has rear air suspension, air brakes, 10K towing, and air ride pilot/copilot seats. The only 'irritants' we have are the dual fuel tanks (that are inconvenient to fill unless at a truck stop) and not rooftop solar-ready. So unless the Jayco manufacturing practices declined since 2015 when ours was built, I would have no reservations with considering the Seneca.
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