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  1. I will give that cleaning a shot. I am using I thin 30 weight. Come to find out today thor moved the generator in the 2020 model. They said just a design but I bet cooling issues.
  2. Thank you all. This is a gas generator. 5500 kw. It will do it through the whole state of AZ .most of the time. At my home of San Deigo I do monthly runs for over an hour with both A/C's,water heater and a vacum running just to add load. This never has a issue. I have the issue this year when the temp is around 100 or above. Running both A/c's or just 1 or even none I could keep it running. As for location it is driver side about in the middle Of the coach. Today it worked great with both a/c's as I went though Oklahoma.
  3. I have a 2017 thor windsport 34j with a 5500 gen set. Every year I have issues where it shuts off. Throws a code of 36. (Which is turns off when not being told to turn off. )This always happens in Arizona. I have had the mother board replaced,fuel pump and fuel filter. That did not fix it. When the temp gets about 100 it shuts off. If I let it sit for like 20 minutes I might be able to get it to run for another 10 after that. Any advise would be much appreciated.
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