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  1. Thank You. We really enjoyed our first GEAR, and looking forward to returning this year.
  2. We attended our first GEAR last year, but being new to FMCA, my wife was hesitant about signing up for too much. This year we have a larger group of us going, and all the ladies have signed up for the luncheon. My wife is still undecided and would like to know what to expect? Is this event similar to the Ladies "Red Hat" events we have seen? If someone could enlighten us on this event, it would be appreciated, and I can then send in our registration. Thank You!
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions. Finally had the chance to get back out to the motorhome over the weekend. Squeezed my head up under the dash only to discover that the grouped wires had separated at a junction. Boy did I feel like a fool. Once the two ends reconnected, all switches working normal. Thanks again.
  4. I don't believe I have the schematics for the 12 V. I was curious if the fuses for this would be part of the RV set of fuses, or the Ford Chassis fuses?
  5. Yes, all the other guages, a/c, blowers, fog lights, and such work fine.
  6. Yes, it does drop down to 12.9 or 12.7. Before this outage, it used to stay in the 13 range.
  7. The inverter is working and showing 14.3 on the display. Generator works no problem. Just the little light bar on the Generator Toggle switch wont illuminate when it is running. It is just this row of toggle switches that are not working. All other switches are working fine.
  8. I own a 2017 Thor Hurricane 37 foot. This weekend we were hooked up to 50 amp power and were listing to the radio using the radio mounted in the dash all day Saturday. Below the radio are buttons to control the Sun Shade, Cab Lights, Generator Start, Driver & Pass Fans. Saturday evening, when we tried to close the sun shade, the botton would not work. Then discovered none of the other buttons worked. Started the motorhome, and still no go. Even after returning home, none of these buttons work. However. the Generator Start button will start the generator, but the light indicating the generator is running will not light. All other buttons and dash controls are working fine. Yes, the toggle switch for the battery is in the USE position. Suggestions? Thanks.
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