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  1. Good Morning, We are actually camping. My husband noticed that the control panel for the level in the freshwater, grey water tanks is not working. He figured it was a fuse. Went camping anyway....and not only is the control panel not working but no water despite filling before we left. My husband used a voltmeter to test the fuse's...both in the bedroom and below the driver's side area...said they are fine. Now my husband has been trying to find the water pump....cannot find it anywhere. He's been in the wet bay...everywhere in the coach. Where in the heck is it? I hate to tell you, but a few months ago we had some vandalism done to the coach ...they stole our foglights from the front. and tried to get into the coach, but didn't. I am thinking that they stole the water pump too.......we cannot find it. HELP
  2. Thanks ALL!...you guys are worth the price of admission to FMCA! I"m always telling my husband...oh we have to see what everyone else says on FMCA! Thanks, Heather
  3. Hey Ya'll, My husband and I have a super beautiful 2004 Monaco Diplomat 40 PDQ ( that we bought kinda recently). It currently has 275/70R 22.5 ( some oddball manufacture) that are way out of date. I am doing my due diligence in "learning" about not only RV tires but GIANT RV tires. I"m experiencing tire overload. Continental, Michelin, Toyo? ...steer, non steer, 16 ply vs 18 ply, RV vs Truck tires. All this info, AND these things are insanely expensive! So we live in Southern California ( Santa Clarita). I'm not going to drive to Oregon to get tires ( we still work, and to spend that much to go get tires...NOT). 1. Which is manufacturer is best...and I guess model number ( because they have like a billion diff types) 2. Anyone have any other info I can use? my husband relies upon's on me to do the legwork ( I"m the computer savvy partner). 3. Is it best to go with the FMCA discount or can I get a better price off of that if I KNOW what I'm searching for ( I like the hunt, just need to know WHAT we need). 4. What are other charges typically needed to put these big pieces of rubber ON? 5. Other than covering the tires when not in use ...what else do we need to do to get the most out of them? What do I NOT do to them? Thanks for all the help ( as you can tell we are newbie's). Heather
  4. We have a 2004 Monaco Diplomat that has some electrical problems. My husband wants to get rid of it ( I don't....we got a really good deal on it). I offered to see if anyone's got the schematics on electric wiring. My husband's a general contractor, but not an electrician. The thermostat is not doing anything. He doesn't know where the wiring goes or ends up. Also, we need new tires on this unit. Anyone in Southern California to get tires from...or should we get some online? I also would like to take the old "big" T.V's out and put in nice new flat screen T.V.s Any help would be appreciated... Heather
  5. We have a 2004 Monaco Diplomat and it had an attempted break-in happen. They took a screwdriver and tried to pry open the door. They did not get in but did take the lower running lights ( the ones below the headlights). Why they took these I have no idea...they also broke the bracket that holds the light on one side. What are these called and where can I get replacement ones? We have since moved it to a more secure location. Thanks for help!
  6. Thanks everyone ( thanks Herman !). We live in Southern California....so we will need to find a place closer to home ( we are not retired at the moment). I'am looking at both the Brake buddy and the M & G.....you guys are a wealth of information! Heather
  7. Hi, We are wanting to tow our 1994 Jeep Wrangler. We have a 2004 Monaco Diplomat. Is brake buddy the best or???. Do we need a protective something to protect the Jeep from stuff that's kicked up? Thanks for your help
  8. Hi ya'll, We have a 2004 Class A with an existing clear bra...that is cracked and needs replacing. Does anyone know, if we were to do it ourselves, which products to use to take it off safely ( or should we even do this?). Is there a really good replacement product out there. My husband does not want to have a black traditional bra for our unit. Thank you for helping, Heather
  9. Great idea ! Thanks, Heather
  10. Hi, I have a '04 Monaco Diplomat. Just bought this beauty ...and although...it's a beauty....the front privacy curtains are not something I like and are a little worn and ugly. Does anyone have suggestions on replacing these with something else besides curtains ( those to me are just so outdated). Thanks for your suggestions and idea's... Heather
  11. Hi , Just bought a beautiful '04 Monaco Diplomat 40PDQ. ( with only 24,000 miles on it !!! ) It is missing the "bigger'" side of the Corian sink cover....any thoughts were I might get a replacement. I would like to have the additional counter space. Thanks for any suggestions or help.
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