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  1. UPDATE: I stopped at our local Ford dealer today. Our Mariner already had the recall, trans computer reprogramming, installed prior to sale. It was also built late enough to have the newer dip stick (adjusted fluid level) installed at the factory. The rest of the technical service bulletin just repeated the instructions in the owner's manual; run engine for 5 minutes prior to and after towing, stop every 6 hours and run engine for 5 minutes, when running engine hold brake down and shift through all the gears and back to neutral. I guess we'll just trust that Ford knows what they're doing and if they don't the repairs will be on their dime. I would still like to hear any other owners experiences with towing 2010 Escapes/Mariners.
  2. I have read all the problems experienced with the 2009 models of the Mariner/Escape and am wondering if anyone is having problems with the 2010 model year. We bought a new Mariner in May this year. Had a Blue Ox base plate and wiring installed. We use a Brake Buddy with it. We have been on a couple 3 hour trips with no problems. I am wondering if they made a change to prevent the previous problems or if we should expect problems at any time now.
  3. Hello Gary, I told Damon I could not identify much interest on the FMCA list for a Damon owners chapter. They said they may try to organize an owners club through the company and would let me know if they do. I imagine it depends on how the economy and RV sales go in the future. If I hear anything I will pass it along. Ron
  4. Hello, Thanks for the recommendation. We will keep it in mind for this spring. Ron
  5. Hello, I looking at all the literature I thought Camp Hatteras looked nice too. I will make note of your recommendation for this spring. Thanks for the input. Ron
  6. We have a Damon Tuscany that we just love and wondered if there is any interest out there for forming a Damon owner's chapter of FMCA? I am also testing the waters with Damon Corp. I am assuming this chapter would be of interest primarily for the Great Lakes area (MI, IN, OH, IL). Let me know so I can see if the interest is there before I look into the mechanics of forming a chapter. Thanks. Ron
  7. Ruby, Thanks for the recommendation. By their website it looks like more of a country setting instead of the normal tourist trap. We will keep this in mind for our early spring trip. Thanks again. Ron
  8. Hello. Thanks for the recommendation. Ocean Lakes was on my list. From the web site it looked very nice. I will put a check mark next to that one. We hope to be there in April 2010 for a week or so. We have a 40' Damon Tuscany. Ron
  9. Hello. Thanks for the recommendation. I will put a check mark next to Pirateland on my list. We live in Mt. Pleasant, MI but I did spend several weeks in Augusta, GA at Fort Gordon in the early 70's. Thanks for the info. Ron
  10. We are looking for campground recommendations near Myrtle Beach, S.C., and the Outer Banks (near Rodanthe), N.C. We will be there next April and hope to spend a week at each location. We prefer a little shade rather than totally open. We have a 40-foot diesel pusher, so good roads into the park and level sights are preferred. We don't need children's activities, but we do travel with an older, well-behaved dog that controls our lives. I have located several parks online but it is hard tell which would be best from their websites. We would happy to hear any recommendations you might have. Thanks. Ron and Anne Michigan
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have already saved information on all the Walmarts and truck stops along our route south. I had trouble replying to the forum because I changed or FMCA login ID and couldn't figure out how to get back in to reply. I finally figured it out. South Carolina here we come!
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