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  1. I’m looking for a part number for a power steering pump that mounts to the back of the air compressor on the Cummins ISX 525 Engine. Supposedly this is a different part than the hydraulic fan pump. Does anyone have this information? It would be much appreciated!
  2. I was asking about the radiator for future reference when I get the motor home back in town.
  3. I have a 2005 Monaco Signature, Castle IV (45 foot with tag axle, ISX 525 Cummins, 315/80R22.5 tires). It is currently broken down over a thousand miles from home and sitting in a storage lot. I am considering having it hauled home, which I know will be quite costly. I have found a company willing to haul it, but before I continue, I need to make sure I have accurate specs. Since I am so far away from the motor home, I can't take these measurements myself so I am hoping someone with a unit like mine can help me out. All I have to go on right now is the RV literature I found online. It shows 12'6" tall (12'1" with A/C units, plus an additional 5" for satellite option; this motor home still has the factory satellite dome). I take it that this is the measurement when the coach is traveling down the road, when it is in the air ride travel mode. Can anyone confirm this from taking measurements? About how much will the coach lower when dumping the bags all the way? Also, has anyone weighed their motor home? I'm looking for a weight range. The black, grey and fresh tanks are all empty. The fuel tank is full. The inside contents are limited to dishes, etc right now. The basement storage is pretty loaded with tools, chairs and other miscellaneous supplies. Would it be safe to say it's in the 48,000 to 55,000 lb range, max? I had the coach weighed when I purchased it, but that paperwork is in the motor home cabinet over a thousand miles away. I'm hoping to get the coach home to my garage, where I have control over the repairs. I would SO appreciate some help with these numbers since I'm over a thousand miles away and unable to do it myself. Thank you in advance!
  4. Thank you all for your input! I appreciate it.
  5. I need to replace the radiator in my 2005 Monaco Signature. The engine is an ISX 525 Cummins. I have 3 questions. 1. Does anyone know the part number for the replacement radiator? 2. How labor intensive/complicated is the replacement process? 3. Does it require any special equipment? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks to everyone who has responded! Rich, I haven't had a chance to look for the VDC unit in my coach since reading this, but I noticed the article mentioned Freightliner chassis. My 2005 Monaco Signature has a Roadmaster chassis. Do you know if the Roadmaster chassis has this same type of VDC unit? If so, would it be located in the same area? Thanks again!
  7. I'm getting erratic gauge readings on a 2005 Monaco Signature. Sometimes one may read normal; one may read really low or really high. The next time, they may read just the opposite. There is no consistent pattern. These are electric powered gauges. The air system is building up fine. Does anyone know how to fix the gauges? Any help would be appreciated.
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