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  1. It doesn't always flash the snake eyes. The snake eyes happen maybe 30% of the time. It all crazy random when it happens. I don't recall seeing other electrical failures during the error code but I will be on the lookout for it.
  2. I have a 2007 Fleetwood Revolution, C9 Cat with an Allison Trans. I am getting a J1939 error periodically and at the same time several gauges stops working, red warning lights blink on those gauges and where the transmission gear numbers are displayed, they are "x".s or look like cat eyes. This tend to happed very randomly and not all of the errors. Lights, gauges stop working at the same time. It will happen off and on , again and again until things warm up then things work great throughout the warmer summer. While all this is going on, the coach still runs the same (very well). Once driven around 5-10 miles it seems to stop doing it and everything is fine. Someone told me he suspected a TCM or ECM connection or wire could be bad since this problem could be fine for months before doing it again but I had the wiring checked out all appeared OK. However, it seems to only do this in colder weather which makes me wonder if something internally in the modules can be bad?. The problem I’m having is finding someone nearby that can read Allison error codes. Allison seems to hold their proprietary close to their chest Anyone else had errors like this?
  3. I bought a used motorhome that has new Optima Blue Tops for the house. Do I set the Magnum charger batter type as AGM 1 or AGM 2? What is the difference between the 2 types of charger settings?
  4. Thank you for all of the reply's. I'm new to the forum and find this very helpful. Is it normal for the Magnum display to always remain on with what appears to be a little back lit? Or should it be totally blank when all disconnects are off? To answer questions that were asked here, the motorhome is a 2007 Fleetwood Revolution 40LE, it is stored where there isn't any shore power. I think I will look into getting solar chargers with a controller.
  5. I have a 2007 Fleetwood Revolution 40LE. It has 4 one year old blue top optima's for the house that the previous owner installed. My house batteries are discharging completely within a couple weeks. I think it was approx. 3-4 weeks and the display shows the batteries down to 8.7 volts and it also shows "3A".......am I to assume that is a three amp constant draw? This is also after turning off both house and engine disconnects. My questions are, Shouldn't the display also turn off when I turn off both disconnects? Does the 3A indicate a 3 amp draw?
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