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  1. How does the laminate hold up with slide-outs? Did you put it in yourself?
  2. We are relatively new fulltimer's and about to make our first long haul trip (3k miles). We have been trying to figure out how to keep the coach cool for our pets while we travel. Thanks to all the forums out there we just read that running the generator while driving will allow us to use the roof A/C units and power the fridge on electric. That being said, we are a little naive about how to properly do this and all the 'in's and out's' of it. Any advice? Thoughts?
  3. Getting rid of our central vac was one of the first changes we made after buying our coach. The central vac didn't seem to work as well as my Dyson so it went out and the Dyson came in! I really like the extra cabinet space in the kitchen too! (40 ft Gulfstream DP)
  4. We are interested in changing our carpet to laminate or tile as well so have just begun some research into the best choices, cost, weight, longevity, etc. I understand they make special laminate and tile flooring for RV's, but I don't know much about either other than the tile is lighter weight. I'm not sure if the tile may be a better choice for you because of your heat issue. If so, are you able to use the tile from a big box store or does it have to be made special for Rv's?
  5. I also experienced terrible claims service with National General. They refused to come out and do a physical view of the damages but rather had me take pictures with my cell phone and email them. The whole process of my claim which should have been about 2 weeks turned into 2 months because I also refused to use the shop they told me to go to because their quote so high. It was above my private quote and the shop wanted money out of my pocket. Each person I spoke to at Nat. Gen. were in different locations. It just didn't make me feel comfortable. I am going to check into FMCA.
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