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  1. I finished redoing my 2003 Pace Arrow and it looks great. Everything works and we love it. I have been thinking about buying a salvaged MH but worried about stigma on resale. I can have it inspected and get a rebuilt title from the state but it will carry the stamp on the title I would inform new buyer os coarse and show pics of repaired areas but am hesitant. Any thoughts?
  2. We just bought 2 from Spinlife They come apart and no part is over 40 lbs We put them both in back of Jeep toad. We are also getting a small trailer to pull so the dogs go too
  3. I'm a retired builder/electrician/plumber/cabinet maker and live just outside GR in Middleville I just redid mine and came out great I would be interested in working with you
  4. I have a 2003 Pace Arrow 35 I will add info to my profile Thanks
  5. I get these white stripes down my windshield after every rain I find it hard to get clean I thought it was from fiberglass on front of roof but have been told its from the rubber roof Any solutions would be great.
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