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  1. Jim, It could be lubed if you extend the cover all the way out towards the screen door,a can of white lithium with a long straw would do it ,or you can remove the cover-- 4 phillps screws on each side ,and 4 screws thru the riser brackets. I am going to clean and lube all the slides and drive screw before I re install.
  2. I have it out. It comes out as a single unit. It is a tight fit. I had to remove the carpet on the side wall of the stairwell. The hardest part was finding the wire harness connector to be able to pull it out far enough to work on it. A little welding and some hammer and dolly work and I should be back in business. I will get some pics, thanks for all the great info!
  3. It is electric, no air, motor drives a threaded rod.
  4. Thank you for your help. Do you know if they pulled it out? It looks like three phillips screws in the front under the stairs carpet, then unhook wiring to motor and possibly the whole unit slides out. Was wondering if any hidden fasteners in the rear? Once I get it out looks like a simple fix. Just not sure if it just slides out as a whole assembly,thank you.
  5. Hi, New to the coach world-- bought a beautiful low mile gently loved Cayman. Anyway, the stairwell carpeted cover would not come out from under the floor straight, so I removed the cover and found that there are two long skinny rods ,threaded at both ends ,one end was threaded into the rear bar of the slider assembly, the other ends were into brackets hanging down from below the cover. It looks as these rods kept the cover straight, or possibly brought the cover up level to the floor at the end of the travel.The problem is these rods snapped off from the rear bar of the assembly. I was wondering if the whole assembly can come out, or was it put in before the floor? It is a mechanical cover with a big 3/4 rod that drives the system. Anyone with any knowledge of these would be greatly appreciated , and or parts or manuals if available. Thanks so much.
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