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  1. We tried moth balls, dryer sheets, etc..... NO GOOD... they still came in..... resorted to good old fashion traps with peanut butter..... we got the best results on top of the generator.... front of coach was low and they could climb up the generator exhaust pipe..... we averaged 1 -2 a day.... they finally stopped or we got um all!!!!!
  2. We have the Hawkshead System & it works fine..... it does temp and pressure.... Most systems you would have to pull a cap or sensor off to add air anyway????
  3. Lex, We have a 2000 Monaco Windsor... we noticed that it gets nice and toasty only when in traffic at idle... which is when a shop would be looking at it and saying all fine!!! As soon as we get a crusin... it is no longer hot.... I suspect our vacuum system is not holding the doors open correctly or enough??? I know in a car, a vacuum issue with the big black softball under the dash area is usually an indication of low heat also.... We have a "black box" that is part of that system with a little valve that is leaking air.... can't find just the valve... Monaco wants the entire assembly for $200++....... don't know if this helped or confused..... but just be sure you have a good vacuum source to the black sofball all the time....
  4. Thanks Brett..... not sure about the Inverter being a programmable one... will look into it and see what it is, etc...... Hey.... GOOD NEWS!!!! Literally, it just "calmed down" and is back at normal readings!!!!! Whew!!!!!! Hopefully, that was all it needed???? Thanks again for all your help and assistance! Bernie
  5. Hi Brett, Not sure about what happened yet??? I went to one of the two 120 VAC panels and shut off the circuit breakers for L1 & L2..... lost all 110 stuff...... turned them back on and then tried the other 120 VAC box and did the same... shut off the L1 & L2 breakers and the same thing happened... lost all 110 circuits in coach....... I "assume" I was supposed to not have the inverter on in the first place... I was just plugged in to 50 Amp.. normal.... Now, it seems the system is "overcharging"....... when we are plugged back in, as always, it seems to be charging too much..... seen 15.0 and staying in the high 14"s for sure....... the panel that monitors shows bulk charge still with yellow on the voltage side in the "15" range....... the solar monitor (digital) shows it in the 14.9 range after 2 hours plugged back in???? Just seems higher than before???? Perhaps it should be here in the first place and the inverter was "reawakened"??? It's the original (2000 Monaco)....... Any thoughts would be appreciated..... we disconnected shore several times, even did the chassis and coach "On/Off" switch to see if that would help???? Still seems too high??? Thanks, Bernie
  6. Side mount is soooo much better for the coach itself, maintenance, inspections and actually working on the coach - especially if you are paying for the labor!!!
  7. Awesome Brett... thanks so much... will try tonight when I get home and let you know tomorrow! Thanks again, Bernie
  8. Thanks Brett.... I suppose I could just try turning off a set in each box to see if that works??? Can I "assume" the L1 & L2 in each box are the same circuit..... just either TO or FROM???? Course, like you stated, there are 9 different ways to wire/set up!!!!! I'll try what I mentioned above and see if that works..... if not, I'll call Monaco and ask....... To verify what happens, if I look at the Inverter/Charger and see the power light is off, is that then correct for what I am trying to achieve?? Sorry to be such a "nudge"...... just not real comfortable with something I can't see (electric!!!!) Thanks Brett, Bernie
  9. Hi Brett, I have 2 side by side breaker boxes and each box has 2 Inverter 30 amp fuses. 2 in the left one that says L1 and L2, the second (right) has the same...L1 & L2.... plenty of other circuits but these 2 120 VAC boxes have 2 Inverter breakers in each one...... the 12 VDC Box is in a different cabinet. BTW.... it is a 2000 Monaco Windsor DP with 4 solar panels, inverter/converter, etc. Just trying to know if I flip all 4 circuits off that say Inverter or whicj??? Thanks Brett, Bernie
  10. Wolfe10... love your idea!!!!! Went to my circuit breaker box and I have 2 120VAC boxes.... both have 2 30 amp circuit breakers that say L1 and L2..... Do I turn all 4 off for the Inverter/Charger to do your suggestion??? Thanks so much! Bernie
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