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  1. We are looking at the south west AZ and CA area. Thank you
  2. We have been considering purchasing a Thousand Trails Membership. We have enjoyed staying in the Encore resorts. We are concerned that we won't be able to take advantage of the disconuts as the resorts may be booked, we will have to pay full price on top of the membership. Can anyone share some experiences with us regarding the Thousand Trails Membership...... Pros and Cons ??? Thank you, Kevin & Barb
  3. Thank you for the reply, We have a 36' Fleetwood Excursion towing a Jeep Cherokee. We like the Amenities, RV Resort or park. Still trying to figure out the difference. We don't mind being within a few miles from town. We like quiet and away from the trains. Seeing pricing around 500 to 600 perm Also would like to do a little off roading. Mexico not a real big deal for us Thank you, Kevin and Barb
  4. Hello Fellow Members, We are thinking about traveling to the Yuma AZ area this winter. Spending some time there and then travel off to Hot Springs CA We have been looking at RV Parks in Yuma AZ area they all seem to be near the Highway and Train tracks. Can anyone give us recommendation for a nice park that is quiet in the Yuma area also away from the noisy road and Train Tracks . If anyone has traveled to the same area, we would appreciate some feedback. Thank you, Kevin and Barb
  5. We are considering traveling to the YUMA AZ are for January 2019. We have heard the area is great for off roading. We would also like to travel to the coast in California. Can anyone tell us about your experiences from the area. Thank you, Kevin and Barb
  6. Thank you for the information, We are considering traveling to the Yuma area 2019 winter and doing some off roading.... any tips ? Thank you, Kevin
  7. We are consider purchasing a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk or a Wrangler to flat tow behind our motorhome. Can you tell me when you flat towing a Cherokee or a Wrangler do the miles still add on while being flat towed ? Thank you, Kevin
  8. Hi There, Does anyone have any comments about the Roadside Rescue plan being offered, there are many choices out there Thank you, Kevin & Barb
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