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  1. I thought about signing up for the FMCA plan for 25gb on the hotspot but what that does is adds 10gb's to my existing 15gb that I get already on my hotspot for an added $50, I thought that was too much. This is what I do. I have the Verizon "unlimited plan" on my whole account which gives me 15gb of hotspot data on each of my devices ( I have 4, 2 phones, 1 tablet and a hotpost) for a total of 60gbs each month at the high speed. I do have to switch devices when one reaches its 15gb's kind of a hassle but it works out great for us. I have used up to 40gb in one month and was never throttled. On our plan I pay $40 per line but they have other plans too
  2. I noticed that there are not any new post on this for quite a while but I have a question about performance chips and am hoping to get some feedback from people who have really used them. I have a 2006 Tiffin with a Cat C7 350hp. I have read most of the post here about mileage and agree that there are a lot of conditions that affect it but I would like a little more power when needed and be able to dial it down for better mileage when I can as well. I see ads on these all the time and know most of it is BS but would like some honest answers please.
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