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  1. We tow a new 18 Jeep Rubicon behind our Allegro Bus. We just got back from a 3300 mile trip and no problems at all! We traded our 2015 Jeep Unlimited Wrangler for it. Both tow perfectly. We were concerned at first because of the push button start. As long as you have it where it says OFF and not Acc it with be no trouble at all. We mounted a Blue Ox baseplate with slight modifications. Mainly because the instructions were incorrect. Tire wear is no problem. We have 8500 driving miles and 3300 tow miles since May 2018. Wears evenly We have the regular lights on ours, not the special LEDs. Because of that we just wired it like the old one. No special diodes etc. Bulb and socket, plenty of room inside the rear lenses. Once your ignition is off, free wheeling when in neutral on the 4x4 and in park on the regular..
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