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  1. Thanks again for your replies. I understand about installing sensors. On some of the drag car engines we built we installed sensors in all of the exhaust pipes and a wide band O2 on all of the nitrous engines. I figure we are not pushing the ISL to anywhere near its limits with a ECU upgrade, but I will let everyone know if it comes apart or the transmission fails. If you have more interest in reading about some of my racing background, feel free to check out my Dodge Viper Upgrades website at www.btrviper.com or go to youtube and look up my MP4-12C Mclaren 1/4 mile pass. I think I still hold the record for quickest Mclaren at 10.19 @ 137 MPH In summary, I'm not looking to rawdog a beautiful motorcoach, nor am i looking to spend a bunch of time drilling holes and running leads 40+ feet to monitor a 15% gain on a drivetrain that is surely de-rated twice that much. I will instead put guarded faith in the installed tuning device and monitor the information provided while hopefully taking advantage of some small gain that could be realized by this upgrade. Thanks again for all of your comments. Tom
  2. Thanks for all the replies. In fact the tuner module that mounts on the dash has EGT, Boost, and many other parameters that the user can monitor while driving. There are even settings for warnings if so desired. The user can set limits to several parameters. Not to confuse anyone with 0-60 or 30-90 performance numbers, but these are simple and standard measurements of performance and the subsequent increases or decreases in performance when testing aftermarket upgrades. Buy a new Jeep SRT, Ford Focus RS, Corvette, or dozens of other cars and you will find onboard data that measures and displays these parameters on a touch screen built into the vehicle from your favorite manufacturer. I can appreciate the sentiments about Racing Motorhomes and factory engineering but these things are not space ships built to perform on the edge of destruction with no built in margin or safety factor. In my opinion, these drive-trains are designed with a 100,000 mile warranty in mind, and governed down in performance because they know these things are going to take a beating in all sorts of conditions. Having flown jets for a living and raced cars as a hobby for decades, i feel confident that I can manage the output of this motorhome engine and tranny. My post isn't a recommendation to others to go out and hop up their motorhomes (although companies such as Banks and K&N are banking on us) but merely giving information to other owners who may have similar interests. Thanks again, Tom P.S. Life is short....I want to spend as little time as possible limping up hills trying to get to my destinations. If I can get 15-20% more power from my coach during the few instances that I need it, then I'm a happy man. If the gains subtract 100,000 miles from the million mile life of the engine, its a fair trade off in my book as I've never owned a vehicle that I put more than 50,000 miles on. Just my $ 0.02
  3. I looked at the Challenger a few years ago (2016 with the nice shiny wood). Nice coach, bought a FR Georgetown XL instead and that was a MISTAKE. A 38' coach with a v-10 gas engine just doesn't have the oomph IMHO especially pulling something. Seemed to always be screaming even just on a Interstate overpass. Same F-53 drivetrain as the popular Thor ACE that really performed well with that combination because its smaller and lighter with the same engine. You won't regret going to the Diesel. Not much to learn, lots of diesel stations out there. Keep it maintained (which is easier and less frequent then gassers) and it will quietly take you everywhere you want to go.
  4. Thanks for the replies! Regarding Glacier its a beautiful place to visit....but here are the caveats... 1. Can't take a motorhome (vehicle over 22' long) through the park. 2. The good stuff is NOT visible until you take 2 tram rides or use your toad to drive up about 1.5 hours drive once you are in the park, to the glacier. We went on a holiday weekend and waited through 4 tram cycles to get on. We had just bought the coach and were not towing anything. That being said, we would go back again. We go west every year and the scenery never gets old.
  5. Just installed the Bully Dog Heavy Duty Tuner module on my 2013 ISL 450HP equipped Entegra (Spartan chassis). Have not taken it on a trip yet but in a quick drive it seems stronger. I do have a V-Box that I can attach and go back to stock setting and do a before and after 0-60mph or 30-90 etc, if anyone is interested. Right now I have it set at the 15% gain setting which is supposedly a power + economy setting. I recently bought the coach and found that when pulling my enclosed trailer 2600 lb + 3100 lb vette, it got slow going up some 7% grades. I am eager to see if the extra 70+ hp and torque makes a difference. Will let you all know.
  6. Just added Bully Dog Heavy Duty Tuner to my ISL.....have not made any trips yet but seems stronger. Set on the Economy + Performance setting which is supposedly an ad of 15% power and ups the economy. Will keep you all know once I have more time driving it.
  7. Just joined FMCA. Recently purchased 2013 Entegra Coach Anthem. Previously owned American Eagle, Thor ACE, FR Georgetown XL, and FR Berkshire. We usually take month long trips from our home in North Ga mountains out through the west each summer. Other shorter trips throughout the year to motorcycle events and such.
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