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  1. I'm back from Interstate, the battery was two years old that boiled. It had one dead cell at the positive post. The cell always had water even after it boiled, one cell away both directions were lower due to venting. I did add one quart of water to the total battery, no plates were showing. They told me I only needed one new battery, bought one, plus and Multi-Battery Isolator, mine showed heat damage and a hydrometer.
  2. Thank you. I was in cooler temperatures for my travels until I returned to Arizona, over 100 every day. Hard on batteries.
  3. Hydrometer sounds good, No, how do you program my freedom 20 and how often should I do that?
  4. Thank you for your help. I have a1997 Monaco Dynasty with a Freedom 20 Inverter/converter. I do have a Multi-meter and checked it at the batteries and it has been around 13:50. I replaced all (3) of the batteries two years ago because they weren't holding a charge for a long time when it was unplugged. 8 months ago one would not charge and had a dead cell, had to buy a new one. I replaced the 2 house batteries with the Interstate SRM-4D and the engine 1 Interstate 8D-XHD. these are the batteries the unit came with new so I stayed with the same ones since they were available. I do think it is a charging issue and I'm a part time Rver. What would be the best way and or who to check this problem out.
  5. After traveling for 3 weeks, staying at 3 RV sites we arrived home 2 days ago. This morning I went outside and smelled a awful smell. The odor was coming from my RV battery storage area. I opened it and found one of my two 6V house batteries was boiling, making a noise and venting out two of the cap tops forming puddles on top. I unplugged the RV shore line, they continued boiling. I checked the temperature, the battery was 160 degrees and climbed to 170. I took the garden house and cooled the battery and the boiling stopped. the two batteries dropped from 13.5 to 11.5. The battery is 8 mts. old. After it cooled I added 1 quart of distilled water. The battery is still hotter than the other two. I did check the level before traveling. Any idea why this happened? What should I have checked ? I have an appointment with Interstate in the morning.
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