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  1. I did find a wire that had gotten shoved up into the compartment and connected and it appears to have solved that. I was cycling back through the fault messages and do see older faults for open ground so will do as suggested. It has a Surge Guard RV Power monitor and a Precision Control Central monitor and an electrical novice and probably need to do some more education on the different monitors on the panel and what they are telling me. Thanks It is a gas Bounder 35P.
  2. Pulled 2017 fleetwood bounder out of storage and recharged and reconnected batteries. There was a fault showing on the command center with "OPEN GND" which I assume is that somewhere a ground wire is not connected. This is preventing any lighting even when running from shore power from coming on. I verified all by battery connections were as they were before storage (labeled lines, took picture prior to removal), but I am not sure where to begin looking. Any help/guidance would be appreciated.
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