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  1. Hi, I fabricated a reinforcing piece from a piece of strap steel I had laying around. You should be able to use the top hinge to try the fit since the door is reversible. The big hole on my piece measured 1/2"; that is a nice snug fit, and will stay snug because there is no movement to wear it larger. I drilled some holes for Pop-Rivets in the piece, painted it & cut it to size & shape. ; On my broken door, I used some epoxy to re-attach the hinge, then installed the rivets. At today price that $600 should buy you somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 gallons of regular gas.   Happy Trails KamperAl
  2. What does the Jeep owners manual say about towing? You will need a braking system, there are many on the market, I'm using a Roadmaster Brake Pro that I've used for years. I prefer to have the lights wired with extra sockets, that way I don't tap into the vehicles wiring.
  3. Am I reading that right? You have to stop, and run it thru the gears, EVERY HOUR of every trip, for 5 years? That would seem terribly inconvenient!!! (JMHO)
  4. The longer and farther I tow my 2000 Ford Explorer, the happier I am. Bought it used 10 ten years ago, had the Neutral Tow Kit installed as part of the initial deal. Now with almost 130k showing on the clock, and an "estimated" 30/40k behind the motorhome.
  5. I also call and advise them of my travel plans. I usually use the pay inside option, once with the pay at the pump trick, shut off at $100, restart, and before I could get the pump restarted my bank called my cell, I told them it was me and all was well.
  6. I bought a kit from Camping World for my old rig, it worked like a charm. I've got enough left over to do the new rig, just got to fing the right glue, the original spray on worked great but there's none left for the new one.
  7. Well, my dealer said that they'd replace the door, which they've done, at no charge. I was told that "There's no stop on the door, and it could swing all the way open, putting too much stress on the hinge." My response was that it was just like the fridge in his home, there is no stop because the stop will put too much stress on the hinge. I was also asked if I put stuff in the door bins, "uh yep" I always thought that was the reason for those bins. I did a bit of "creative engineering" on the second broken door after the break, before the dealer & I could get together, it worked like a charm, guess what's going to happen to the new door? Correct a "Preemptive Repair!"
  8. The update is, I did not apparently get the "New Improved Door." The door that replaced the one that fell off in September 2011, has now BROKEN OFF in July 2012, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 months, not quite as long as the original door lasted. One could just scream, I guess it is my fault, after all I did put some milk and orange juice in the door, I did assume that's what the DOOR BINS were for, silly me. Winnebago, and my dealer tell me I'm the only one with this problem. I did ask Winnebago. If I was the only one, to extend the warranty for an additional year on just the door, the initial response was "we'll see," Well we will see if they return my calls. I'll try to keep you updated. Happy Trails KamperAl
  9. We're towing a 2000 Ford Explorer, when I bought it used in '03, the Ford salesman knew nothing about the Neutral-Tow-Kit, that I knew was required. He told me that I obviously knew more about the project then he did (True). Ford installed it as part of the deal. We've towed it untold miles with no problem. The miles don't show on the odometer.
  10. Traveling home from Darien IL to NJ around noon on June 5th, on what must have been I-294 headed east, we stopped at one of the toll booths, apparently I was interrupting the young lady's phone call. Not only was I an unwanted interruption, I had the audacity to actually ask "How much?" Instead of me knowing the toll schedule. She told me $1.50 which I paid, when the barricade didn't raise, I asked her to raise it and she began to berate me for not telling her that I was towing. "You have to tell me you're towing, I can't tell if you're towing or if somebody just pulled up behind you, You owe more money!!". Again I asked how much, $0.75 which I paid, and asked for a receipt. "I can't give you a receipt 'cause it got rung up wrong!!" Like a fool I left, I think I should have taken some kind of action. Shutting down the Rig and calling for supervision comes to mind. If anyone is interested, I can and will name names. 2400 miles on this trip, and she was the only one that couldn't spot the toad, or ask if there was one!!! The next go-round of layoffs due to eazy-pass, I have a prime candidate!!!!
  11. We crossed the Tappan Zee last fall, traffic was heavy, but not as heavy as the TOLL. The collector wanted to know if I wanted a receipt, "Yes, my wife won't believe I paid that much without one" but at least he was a civil civil servant.
  12. PITA as opposed to the RPITA We've all seen cars backwards on dollys, among the problems with that method is locking the front wheels perfectly straight, with an actual lock not just the ignition switch lock, nobody wants to see your car going down the road like a crab.
  13. My seal dryed out and wouldn't hold water. After I purchased a new one, and before I worked up the courage to actually replace it, I poured a cup or two of RV anti-freeze in the bowl, figuring it was a bit thicker than water and might not run away quite as fast, Lo and Behold it softened the seal to where it worked again. Anybody looking for a new seal cheap?
  14. That would be a problem with the built-in-whole house water filters, out of sight out of mind. The in-line ones force you to at least acknowlege it's existence from time to time.
  15. f233844

    Jacks Leaking

    One of the cylinders on my PowerGear jacks has an apparent internal leak. I put the rig on the jacks and took measurements on all 4 legs, Roughly 24 hours later I took the same measurements and find the LF jack had collapsed/relaxed/bled down 1/4". Confirmation IMHO that there is a problem, and an explanation as to why I often need to relevel. No external leaks that I can see.
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