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  1. Have read a lot of discussions about transmission problems while flat towing 2009 and 2010 ford escape. I just had the transmission replaced in my 2011 FWD escape V6 with a 6 speed auto transmission. Ford picked up the repair costs. But now I am not sure what to do next to prevent it from happening again. I am experimenting with a remote grill thermometer with the probe taped to a flat spot of the top of the transmission. The thermometer it to transmit up to 100 ft, but I do no get a constant reading on the display in the drivers seat of the motorhome. The other day it got to 213 F. Thought that was a little high, although ambient was 95F. Looked at a scan gauge, but need 60 ft of cable to get the motorhome dash. Also quite pricy and a lot more info than needed. Does any one know of a trans temp gauge that I can monitor tow trans temp in the drivers seat of the motorhome? As a last resort Remco noe makes a pump for escapes, also pricy $900+. Looking for a reasonable priced trans temp gauge that I can read in the motorhome.
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