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  1. Thanks NWjeeper.! I went to three shops with no sucess. I have decided to drive the car home and come back 1000 miles to get the bus. It was to complicated trying to tow my crown vic home. It will be much easier this way and safer too. Thanks for your info John
  2. I am purchasing and old, partially converted, Prevost Le Mirage and have a Marathon of questions to ask. I need a trailer hitch for it. I am not sure if anyone makes a stock level three hitch or do I have to get a welder to do a custom job$. I am concerned that a welded unit will hamper access to the engine when it needs to be removed in the future (hopefully years from now). I also would like to get something adjustable ( height) as who knows what vehicles I may want to trailer eventfully, down the road. Has any one information that might help me in my search. Thank You so much for reading my post. Regards Windboater
  3. Could I get some help with identifing a Beaver Marquis 1986. I put a down payment on what I was told was a 1986 Beaver Marquis but it doesn't have the rounded features or the molded windsheild of the ones I see on the web. This one has a flat windsheild and the body features are anglular (wedge front end) like those of the early eighties. Was 1986 a transition year were both styles were produced? Or do I have a 1985 model year that was originally sold and titled in 1986? Any thoughts? Regards John. The last picture is a 1985 and is identcal to what I purchased. The first piture is of a 1986 with the modeled windsheild and rounded freatures.
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