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  1. Will be visiting the Boothbay Maine area (actually staying in Phippsburg) for about a week the end of July early August and looking for recommendations on things to do while in that area.
  2. Have 70,000 miles on coach. Changed transmission fluid & filters around 45,000 miles Changed the transmission filters around 60,000 miles
  3. I recently returned from out west traveling some pretty good grades and since returning noticed the shifting not to be as smooth as normal. I was discussing that issue with someone promoting changing to Amsoil synthetic and also mentioned the fuse thing to help out.
  4. I have 3000 6-speed on my 2004 Allegro and was told that you could reset/reprogram the transmission by removing and replacing (after 30 seconds or so) the fuse to the transmission located at the chassis batteries. Anyone heard of this? If true, what’s the procedure (engine running/off)? Thanks
  5. Anyone have any feedback or experiences with Ameriprise Insurance Co. on coverage for Motor Homes?
  6. We travel between Greenville, SC and Denton, TX and have stopped for one night at Cherokee Campground, 2800 Hwy. 93, Helena AL, 35080 (off of I-459 –Birmingham) If you can get the Passport America rate, they’re okay for one night, and pretty convenient to the Interstate.
  7. Appreciate the information, sounds like a worthwhile stop. Does anyone know if there are any RV LENGTH RESTRICTIONS for camping there? We’re traveling in 40ft MH & towing a vehicle.
  8. Anyone camped at Belle Fourche Campground at Devil's Tower? Are there restrictions on RV length for camping at this location? (Traveling in 40ft MH and tow vehicle) Also, Anyone have information or comments on Devils Tower View Campground that is in the same area? (we are only planning for an overnight stay)
  9. Coming out of Great Falls which would be best; Highway 89 up to Route 2 over to Coram, or to stay on Interstate 15 up to Route 2 than over to Coram? How are the grades and roads? Is one more scenic than the other? Traveling in 40ft MH towing a vehicle. Thanks, Jack Ricardo
  10. Herman, Thanks for the information; I plan on following your recommendation. I was thinking on stopping in Pueblo for the night, by chance would have any recommendation on a decent campground or good place to stop for the night? Again thanks, Jack Ricardo
  11. Coming out of Amarillo is it better to work west over to hit I25 north and go thru Pueblo or stay north out of Amarillo and hookup with I70 W in Limon? How the grades and roads? I’ll be traveling in 40ft MH towing a vehicle. Thanks, Jack Ricardo
  12. I’m thinking of changing to the Dish Network Mobile (dishformyrv) which they say works best with Receiver-Model VIP211k. The Dish Receiver (Model VIP211k) works or requires (at a minimum) a dual LNB supposedly because they use two different signals or satelites 110 & 119. Here’s the question/problem; on my MH, I have a Winegard RM Manual Crank-up with a single LNB. Is there a way to change or modify the current single LNB with a suitable dual LNB replacement that will work with the as installed Winegard RM Manual Crank-up? Thanks, Jack Ricardo
  13. Please disregard the $90 a day quote. That price was for 2 days not 1; my error.
  14. KOA quotes around $90 a night (Full Hookup w/50amp); is that the norm? Is there anything comparable that’s a little more reasonable or is that the rate for Salt Lake City?
  15. Looking for routing recommendations and/or experiences traveling with MH & tow vehicle from Bryce Canyon to Zion using the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway UT-9 around Mid-September. It says a MH of 13 ft max height is allowed thru the tunnel with escort. My MH is 12’ 9” and 40 ft in length (the escort is not the concern but the tunnel height). Also, how is the road regarding switchbacks and grades traveling that Highway? I plan on staying at Watchman Campground in Zion. Thanks, Jack Ricardo
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