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  1. I have mine in a traveling jewelry bag which allows them to be rolled up. I find that matching earrings, bracelet and necklace or what I think matches, fit in each compartment and then move onto the next. I found jewelry case for traveling like this many years ago, since I have taken traveling make-up or other smaller bags to make my own. they do not have to zip just a flap of cloth over the top and then they tuck into a drawer. Now I have discovered that jewelry is my ART. So I have moved on to a storage cabinet just for me with some boxes which allow holding the things to make jewelry and the finished product. Much smaller than paintings or other breakables from all the places we visited that I wanted something special to remember it by. Most are inexpensive, Some just a special bead or two, others completely finished pieces. Cynthia
  2. Dear Tim & Alisa, We haven't been on this forum for a while, to busy traveling. We have been full-timing for the past 7 years. I agree with most of what you have been told. Just a word of caution, you will not want to depend on very many electrical appliance of any kind without electric. It will amaze you how fast your batteries run down and your generator will go through gas. We have small 12 volt clip on fans to put beside the bed at night to make sleeping easier. No AC when boon-docking (camping with no hook-ups) Very little TV, we use the radio in our rig which runs off the engine battery and then crank our coach every couple of days to keep that battery charged up. Good for it too if we are sitting still for long. We also take the rig out for a drive every month to 6 weeks if we stay in one place, to get it's juices flowing and keep the tires in better condition. We stay out around 30-45 minutes. Know one has mentioned the date codes on your tires, make sure what they are and know that no matter the milage on the coach or the appearance of your tires after 5-7 years the tires should be replaced. Especially if coach has been parked and not driven frequently in the past few years. Yes it is alot of money but so is a blow out going down the road. If you have hobbies, take the basics of those things with you, or you will soon see yourself replacing the things you just sold or donated. We were able to store a few special pieces with family and thankfully our kids took some of our favorite things so we can go and visit them when we see the kids. We travel all over the country, had solar put on the roof to stay out in the desert longer, but you can buy alot of gas for the generator for the cost of solar. We just couldn't stand the noise or smell after a while. We have workamped and joined the Elk's club to have access to there campgrounds. There are other groups that have inexpensive campgrounds as well. We find that the Escapees RV Club meets our needs for socialization in many ways because the chapters are based on interest not just on geography. Many of the members travel full-time or did at some point. Hope to meet you down the road. we will be at the Northeast rally in Vermont in July this year while visting daughters and grandchildren. Jim and Cynthia
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