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  1. Seajay, I am also wanting an enclosed trailer, but it would be towed behind a 45-foot coach. I have seen them on the interstates and wondering how they are getting away with the length law each state has. The combined length has to be at least 70 feet.
  2. Brett, Once Again, thanks for all the information. I have joined the catrvclu, and now am searching for heating problems with the motor and fuel mileage.
  3. What kind of mileage could you expect to get with a Caterpillar 625-horsepower engine in a 45-foot Country Coach Affinity? I was told between 6.5 and 7.2, which I find hard to believe. Thanks.
  4. Michael Golden US Army 81-85 Infantry/ truck driver (ammo) Ft. Ord Ca. Glad to be part of this list. God Bless Our Troops
  5. Thanks again for the great information. The unit is in one of the side bay basements on a sliding tray I think. I have not inspected the Coach yet, just trying to get information from someone other than the dealer. Mike
  6. Chris, Thanks for the reply. That is about the weight I am looking at. Country Coach Affinity, 45 ft, so we will be in the same category. I have not bought the coach yet, hoping to buy in march. I remember driving trucks in to oregeon on I84, and always dreaded the mountain the truckers called cabbage. I know that with a 50,000 plus coach, can't expect great mileage. Thanks, Mike
  7. Brett, Like most of your posts or replies, thats an excellent idea. I will remember this one when hopefully I get our first coach in march 2010. Thanks Again. Mike
  8. Thanks again for the reply. As you can tell, I have not owned a motorhome before, but hopefully that will change in march. The coach I am talking about is the 07 Country Coach Affinity. I think we will be well pleased with the coach, and I will have to shower last. Luckily for me the wife, does not like a hot shower. You can certainly learn a lot on these forums, and I am thankful for finding this Web site, and for all the posts and replies. Have a Merry Christmas. Mike
  9. Thanks, Jack, for the reply. After reading other forums about water heaters and hot water issues, I was wondering about the Aqua-Hot system. I was told that way, you will have plenty of hot water and instant hot water. Is that true? Of course, the dealer trying to sell the coach is the one who told me that. Any more info would be greatly appreciated, or you can e-mail me privately. Thanks. Mike
  10. Can anybody tell me about the Aqua-Hot Heating System on Country Coach motorhomes. I was told that this unit controls the heat and hot water in the coach. Be patient with me. I am new to the FMCA forum, and am hoping to get my first coach in march 2010. Thanks. Mike
  11. Thanks Herman for the reply. 3 years ago, we rented an rv for a week and loved it. the wife of course is not wanting to travel fulltime right now, but I keep telling Her the time is right. I have traveled the country driving a truck, and never had time to really enjoy this country of ours. I will check out the 2 sites you told me about. Thanks, mike
  12. Thanks again Green Beaver. I really like the changes you made in your coach. I was hoping that a 2 year old cvoach would have all the bugs worked out of it. It has 12,000 miles on it, so it should be allright. Thanks Again, Mike
  13. Brett, The coach has the allison 4000 6 speed with 2 overdrive gears. Thanks, Mike
  14. Brett, Excellent information. Thanks, Mike
  15. Brett, I have emailed the dealer and waiting on the reply. As you can tell I am new to the rv forum, and have lots of questions. You are probably right aboput the Allison 4000. With the Cummins ISX 600 and the Allison 4000, mountain grades should not be a problem? Thanks, Mike
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