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  1. blevtr


    I did google it. Is google a verb? Anyway, from Google Maps, from the north you go in on Rt 50 to pick up 395, then it wanders around and joins 95/495 going south. It goes under a 13' bridge, which I would clear, but not by much. Not confidence inspiring.
  2. Granted. But Barkley, and you, posted in September of this year. I responded to Barkley's post with my personal experiences on the Remco product.
  3. I bought and installed a Remco on my 4runner last year. Expensive, but no problems with the seller or the installation. I don't have all the information at hand, but found out all I needed to know online. The seller sent me a machined and balanced driveshaft and the kit, nicely made and professional. I use dry lube graphite because metal to metal makes me nuts.
  4. blevtr


    Just got an FMCA routing guide, Baltimore tfims my first o Fort Meyers, FL. It took me around Baltimore on the Key Bridge, which is good. Then it takes me thru DC on I-395. A quick look at google maps confirms my first thought: What is this I-395? Where is it? I really don't want to wander around DC in a 36' coach with toad looking for a highway that hasn't been built.
  5. So, I'll just fiddle with various options until something works, then straggle on down to Florida. Thanks, all, for the tips.
  6. OK, I tried the do one then do the other as singles, but wasn't fast enough, and by the time I got to the rear TV it was downloading the guide. I guess I need to be sure both Wallys are OFF before I hook up the X2. I noticed the X2 box said, rather proudly, that it was "dual arc". Have to study on that. We are going to Florida the first week of January, probably along with 700,000 other snowbirds, so this is just one item to be dealt with. So far, the dish mess works, just not like it should. Kind of like herding cats.
  7. I"m installing an X2, works fine. On activation, I noticed I only showed Sat 72 and several Xs. Now I see that we need an A/B switch? Will this allow the other satellites to show? The DISH "tech" was a little fuzzy, just insisted my shiny new X2 won't work with two TVs. I orthave yet to figure out what stations show on 72, or any of the others. As as a sort term test can I just unhook the second cable without frying something in the X2?
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