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  1. Hi all, anyone else going to be at Cherrystone Campground 8/17/19 - 8/24/19? If you are look us up, stop by say hello! We are site 711!
  2. Fort Wilderness is the campground at Walt Disney World.
  3. Hey there neighbor! Lol, you should see our house, a Disney gallery, literally! Our home is Boulder Ridge Villas, will always be Villas at Wilderness Lodge to me. 300 pts. Looking forward to Fort Wilderness!
  4. We run everything from 5k to Half Marathon Races for fun. Yes work keeps us close to home for now, although last year we went to Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower, and explored Yellowstone for a week. Our next long trip will be to Grand Canyon, maybe 2020, or 2021. We also love our Disney Vacations, DVC members, love Disney Cruise Lines, next April we are going to Fort Wilderness. So we do a lot of variety for our vacations.
  5. Haven't been on much lately, but jleamont reached out to me today, thanks! Our schedule so far for 2018 include 4/27-29 at Beachcombers, Outside of Wildwood, running a couple of races with our daughter. 6/15-17 Koenobles Campground in PA Nothing for July but looking into a possible weekend 8/18-25 at Cherrystone in VA 9/29-10/1 possibly if our 11 year old daughter works her way up to running a Half Marathon. She is determined! 10/5-9 Cherrystone again for their Halloween Weekend called Scarystone! 10/19-25 at Pomona Campground in Galloway Township, outside of Atlantic City, running a race there with our daughter Anyone heading our way let us know!
  6. I wouldn't let a teen drive our coach, but then again I wouldn't let anyone drive it! lol, DW will not even consider it, So I get the enjoyment of driving all to myself, I truly mean that, I love to drive the coach!
  7. Just read through this thread, Although I am not under 50, I am 56, my DW is 46 we have a 10 year old daughter, I certainly feel like I am under 50! My little girl keeps me young! lol. Anyway, we joined FMCA in September at the Hershey RV Show, in 2015 we bought our 2015 Precept 36UN. We are not full timers, get out whenever we can, our family loves to camp. It would be a great addition to the FMCA if there was a group who camped with their kids. I tried to start a forum for members who have children under 20, without much success-- doesn't seem like there is much interest in this demographic within the FMCA. Only a few replied. Some great idea's in this thread. I tried to find a Facebook group for FMCA members who travel with kids. I have to admit, it's a little disappointing.
  8. Congrats! Safe travels when your out there making memories!
  9. We are booked for 4 nights at the Williamsburg KOA, anyone stayed there?
  10. Hi all, We are new to FMCA. I am 56, My DW 39+7, our daughter is 10. We camp in the NJ, PA, DE, VA mostly, with longer trips to FL and out west, This year we did Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Yellowstone. Who else out there is fine community camps with their Children? And Where?
  11. My wife has 2 boys from previous, 20 & 22, the 20 year old loves camping too
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